twenty one pilots + first lines

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Girls/Girls/Boys official video (x) - director’s cut (x)

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Sometimes you’re better off alone. (x) (x)

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(Source: lena-urie-leto)

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is it safe to go into the bden tag yet?

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if you don’t like brendon then why do you feel the need to make hateful posts about him; what are you even trying to accomplish like people that actually do like him aren’t going to change their minds because of you

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oh no… panic at the disco did a thing… time to hate on brendon some more on tumblr dot com

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Panic! At The Disco: Miss Jackson Acoustic

The bassline from Miss Jackson is the reason I breathe

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The Brendon Urie tag is a joke right now lol

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My brother and I went to comicpalooza. He was Tiny!Tony Stark and every time he saw someone with a batman outfit or shirt or a robin costume, he would go up to them and do this, also he would give them fake money and tell them to buy something nice. 


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Girls/Girls/Boys (Director’s Cut)

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 they're close to finding out about your girlfriend (x)

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panic! at the disco: girls/girls/boys (director's cut) [x]

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the gospel tour

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