I want to make music like that, that moves people, that’s a party, that makes you feel good.
— Brendon Urie

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my tumblr just became a panic! fan blog again. oops.

ps. i regret nothing!

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everything is panic! at the disco and nothing hurts!

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anyone taking bets on brendon urie making an albums worth of vine videos before the 4th album comes out? 

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Brendon Urie | 3 Little Birds

847 plays

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i enjoy listening to a fever when i haven’t listened to it all the way through in however long then putting on v&v and listening to how bden’s voice has matured. almost put on p.o instead just now and was like.. “lol oops nope” judge me

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Forget I have this sometimes….oops

Forget I have this sometimes….oops

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why didn’t panic! make anymore music videos for v&v? i really wanted to see one for nearly witches. and a proper one for let’s kill tonight. just saying.

and always. and hurricane. 

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the next panic! album better include a song that when they play it live brendon gets his dance on. just saying!

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forever thinking of more ways to call the groom’s bride a whore whenever sins is playing…

i regret nothing.

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This day and the night before was perfect (Taken with instagram)

This day and the night before was perfect (Taken with instagram)

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panic! make me smile with ease when i’m in a bad mood. and i fucking love music in general. helps lots


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