why didn’t panic! make anymore music videos for v&v? i really wanted to see one for nearly witches. and a proper one for let’s kill tonight. just saying.

and always. and hurricane. 

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I enjoy Ian Crawford’s voice. 

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brb gonna blast V&V 

i just wanna curl up in a ball and listen to Panic! i miss them ):

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last year on this day panic! returned to the uk and played a one-off gig and i won tickets. before the show i got to speak with dallon and a bit to ian…

only got a photo with mr weekes but they were both super sweet and did fake british accents. (: also kerrang were there and i’m in the group shot. yay.

take me back!

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patdnewssource started following you

lol hi

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sins intro lol

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all day yesterday and already all this morning i’ve been thinking about thursday night. gimme Panic! back!!! 

off to work again… ):

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post gig depression is the worse.

i just want it to be last night again.

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